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Summary0000229: Issue with saving my version of locale via Language Support - applies to
DescriptionI use this feature to make Polish locale, what it's really great thing, guys.

But if I'm changing sth in and saving this, it appears problem - w2P doesn't read this file correctly and whole text in system has these bad, bad appended warning string "^".

I know what causes this.
When locale is saving, escape signs in abbreviation part weren't saved. I opened in Notepad and fixed it. But if next time I'll would like to correct sth, I've to use open file via FTP ;/
Generally it's not a problem but my translators sometimes can't update locale using Language Support.
Additional Information"Bad lines" in (with required escape signs)
Line 122: 'Include Children (doesn\'t apply to delete or move within the same project)'=>'Zawiera pochodne (nie dotyczy usuwania lub przesuwania w obr?bie projektu)',
Line 279: 'User\'s projects'=>'Projekty u?ytkownika',
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caseydk (administrator)

So the problem is that the escape symbols aren't being saved so it messes up the rest of the file and the world ends... or something like that?

Can you give me a few examples of translated words? I'd like to mimic your process as closely as possible.


KrzysztofKamil (reporter)

Yes. But it isn't related with specific words.
Just if saving file i.e., all escape symbols in given english string disappears.
In there're of them. As I pointed above, escape symbols have to be in:
"Include Children (doesn\'t apply to delete or move within the same project)=>"
"'User\'s projects'=>"
Some function probably "forgets" about saving escape symbols from memory to file.
Without escape symbols in translated text (Polish in my case) displaying translation is working.


caseydk (administrator)

I still haven't been able to reproduce this one. What version of PHP are you using?

(And yes, I'm trying to make sure this is ready for the v1.2.1 release next week.)


KrzysztofKamil (reporter)

PHP 5.3.


caseydk (administrator)

Hmmm.. me too. I even used your exact "Include Children..." example directly.

Could you (privately!) send me the results of running phpinfo()? There has to be a configuration thing that I'm missing.


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