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0000299v2.3 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-24 09:54
ReporterKyle Skrinak 
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.3 
Summary0000299: CSS problem on the "a" tag's click event area
DescriptionAlright, though Pedro disagrees, this is bug; what you do with it is up to you. In Safari, (or any WebKit-based browser, I presume) the a tag is split roughly half way, vertically, on the "edit" icon. What this means is that if you were to click on the "edit" icon, you have a 50% of going to the correct data set.

Going to the "Inspect" function of Safari confirms that the a tag block does NOT overlap the icon.
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Kyle Skrinak (reporter)

This is a WebKit, (starting at WebKit r50540) not a Safari (4.0.3) issue.


caseydk (administrator)

I've dug around on this one... and (not surprisingly) since I can't reproduce this one, I can't begin to debug it usefully. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Kyle Skrinak (reporter)

Again, it's only WebKit (now v50616; available here: and it is related to the fact that the two css declarations:

table.tbl tr td span
table.tbl tr td span a
are display:inline.

If I redefine this css to display:block; the a tag's active area overlays correctly, but it does ruin the balance of the formatting. I do not have a suitable alternative; although I wonder why do we have a span tag there?

Also, Firefox 3.5, Safari and IE 7. I have filed a bug with Apple and WebKit


caseydk (administrator)

Do you have a screencap of what the result looks like?

Could this be resolved (reasonably) if the whole table cell was clickable?


Kyle Skrinak (reporter)

It's attached to the initial report. The transparent light-blue overlay shows the anchor tag's click area, which isn't aligned to the icon (as it should be)

I advise that you can close this, but if there's some evolving css standard that relates to this use of styles, we'll have a record of it as an issue. It might simply be a blip on WebKit's adaptation of css.


caseydk (administrator)

Since this is an issue in WebKit's rendering, there's nothing we can or should do about it at this time.

Closed as requested.


Kyle Skrinak (reporter)

This bug is confirmed as reported here, with details:


caseydk (administrator)

I've also gotten a handful of browsers to play with and test on and can reproduce it every time in the webkit-based ones. Midori and Chromium are my examples.


caseydk (administrator)

Bound the link/span to the image size and location;
Resolved in r1550;

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