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2021-05-12 20:44 PDT

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Summary0000436: Restrict Task Time Editing - New Task Log with NO percentage
DescriptionThis new feature "Restrict Task Time Editing" is is fantastic!

Now I can have people working on tasks and they cannot edit the task details, time, date, description.

I have one problem though. When a user fills in their task log, they are unable to change the percentage. It does not exist.

Please help. As I do not know when a user has completed the task, because it needs to be a hundred percent.
I do not want to give users any permissions to EDIT the tasks..


I agree.

We need to think about how and where to store it.
Maybe some auto appending it to the log?
changed from xxx% to yyy%

But then we loose the general overview, because one needs to look into the log to see the values of %.

Having an extra db entry worries me because, at least on my system with many projects of 100+ tasks, everything is extremely slow.
So having even more db entries and joins ... don't know yet where this slowness comes from.


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