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2022-12-06 07:17 PST

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0000460Pending RequestsTaskspublic2014-06-11 18:34
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PriorityhighSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0000460: clean up tasksperuser_sub.php
Description1800 tasks create 9000 queries

a project with 5 tasks creates 123 queries, if user filter is set to user A and project filter is set to this specific project.

In that specific case, worker A was not part of the project and no task displayed.
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parent of 0000395closedcaseydk v2.3 Release (Closed) Feature request: display user specific task priority in my to do tasks table 
parent of 0000640closedcaseydk v2.3 Release (Closed) Enhance Tasksperuser report with % assign displayed 
parent of 0000950closedcaseydk v3.0 Release Unable to assign user through "Edit task" form 



opto (manager)

Maybe rename the priority column from P to UP or similiar as it has a different meaning here than elsewhere


caseydk (administrator)

I reworked canAccess which massively reduced the number of queries involved.

If you turn on debugging, you can tell there is massive duplication in the queries. If you turn on query cache in mysql, the hit rate is well over 90% which speeds things up too.

I don't consider this one fixed but we're on the right path.

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