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0000466v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-06-21 21:08
Assigned Tocaseydk 
Product Versionv2.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Versionv2.0.0 
Summary0000466: Reorg of contacts with contacts_methods broke smartsearch
DescriptionSmartsearch still builds contacts queries with old contact_email, contact_email2, and so on...
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related to 0000463closedcaseydk Unknown column 'contact_email' in 'field list' 



caseydk (administrator)

What revision are you running? In the current (r1166), I'm not seeing the issue.. but there was a *lot* of cleanup in r1164.


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in r1169.


egemme (reporter)

Sorry to re-open, but I missed some time to answer your question. I use to get the most recent rev all the time prior openning an issue. Therefore, even the latest doesn't solve my problem.

I need to understand how the query builder works in smartsearch to help troubleshoot my problem. Also, I use helpdesk module which has out of standard naming conventions and configuration, so it is throwing errors. But I don't think it is responsible of the problem experienced with the contacts. To make sure, I use the module selection option to isolate the contacts. Someday I will do a class and config rework of helpdesk.

Back to contacts, I must have a bad class or include file hanging somewhere in my tree causing a bad query build.

After login, I see this in the top left corner.
X Unknown column 'contact_email' in 'field list'

Then when I search contacts...
ERROR: C:\www\web2Project\classes\w2p\database\query.class.php(1109) : query failed(SELECT contact_id,contact_first_name,contact_last_name,contact_title,contact_company,contact_type,contact_email,contact_email2,contact_address1,contact_address2,contact_city,contact_state,contact_zip,contact_country,contact_notes FROM ((`contacts` AS contacts)) WHERE ( contact_first_name LIKE "%test%" or contact_last_name LIKE "%test%" or contact_title LIKE "%test%" or contact_company LIKE "%test%" or contact_type LIKE "%test%" or contact_email LIKE "%test%" or contact_email2 LIKE "%test%" or contact_address1 LIKE "%test%" or contact_address2 LIKE "%test%" or contact_city LIKE "%test%" or contact_state LIKE "%test%" or contact_zip LIKE "%test%" or contact_country LIKE "%test%" or contact_notes LIKE "%test%") ORDER BY contact_last_name,contact_first_name) - error was: Unknown column 'contact_email' in 'field list'
0 C:\www\web2Project\classes\w2p\database\query.class.php:1109 dprint()
1 C:\www\web2Project\classes\w2p\database\query.class.php:1146 exec()
2 C:\www\web2Project\modules\smartsearch\smartsearch.class.php:34 loadList()
3 C:\www\web2Project\modules\smartsearch\index.php:237 fetchResults()
4 C:\www\web2Project\index.php:362 require()

Fatal error: Class 'CHelpDeskItem' not found in C:\www\web2Project\modules\smartsearch\index.php on line 244

My workspace is in sync with SVN, except some tweaks of mine e.g. yyyy-mm-dd date format, some missing internationalized captions like in the project tool tips, utf8_decode in the fileviewer.php, etc. I used to have an extra include once in the smartsearch to make helpdesk load correctly, but removed it to make sure I didn't cause some annoyance to the module. This is why you see CHelpDeskItem is not found. As mentioned, I will work this out soon.



caseydk (administrator)

Ah. That's helpful. Thanks. :)


caseydk (administrator)

Yes, you have a stray class lurking around.. because with the hook_search implementation, we don't currently have the "module selection" stuff supported for that.


caseydk (administrator)

Alright, I've updated the HelpDesk module to use the proper data structure, so we should be okay there. I'm still fixing the other half of HelpDesk as detailed in 0000346.

Further, while looking at your error message a bit more closely, it appears that this is happening in the Contacts module, not HelpDesk.

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