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2020-05-29 06:10 PDT

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0000472Third-party ModulesTimecardpublic2014-04-05 17:39
Assigned Topedroa 
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Summary0000472: Isue with the Billing Code linkage
DescriptionI installed the newest TimeCard module with Web2Project 1.3 and it fuctions well with the exception of the Billing Codes. I did find a tweak posted by joly which had a few lines of code changes begining at line 131 of the vw_newlog.php.
Additional InformationI made the change posted by joly and when an entry is made in TimeCard the Cost Code Code dropdown only has None. If the entry is saved and then Edited the Cost Code has all the vailable Billing Codes displayed and available for selection.
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caseydk (administrator)

I'm going to start merging in some of my budgeting stuff. I've made a bunch of helpers for billing code stuff that should be useful here.


pedroa (administrator)

Hi Keith,

This is a simple getSysVal thing, no need to rush anything at all.
It is Timecard related and won't involve any DB structure change.

I am not attaching line by line values for tasklogs based on costcodes at this point, I am just letting users record the costcodes at least.
So it does not touch the "budgeting" twilight-zone.

Cheers partner,

Pedro A.

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