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0000474Pending RequestsGantt Chart Generationpublic2014-06-22 21:08
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Summary0000474: Gantt
DescriptionWhen I go to see an old project, first select the project you want to see and then I click the button "general view of the project" and then I click on the Gantt chart tab.

You should see the graph of the project, but not seen, because W2P not use the project dates to display the graph because uses the current date, so you do not see any graph.
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caseydk (administrator)

I changed this to a feature request as we need to figure out what timeframe it should show. Should archived projects show the entire project on the gantt chart? The last 30 days? Thoughts? Preference?


opto (manager)

Archived projects: default should show all project. or there should be a button show all project, so that one does not need to use the date selector for that.

Actually, such a button should be everywhere (don't remember whether it might be already present)


adolfo (reporter)

When I select a project from the project homepage, this active, closed, completed or at any stage and at any time, past, present or future, and I click on the project I can see the gantt correctly.

But if I click the button "general view of the project" and then I click on the Gantt tab then graphics gantt don't be show correctly.

It's not a question of dates, but to present Gantt correctly according to the dates of the project itself.


caseydk (administrator)

Screenshot please?

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