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Summary0000479: shift project start date in edit should shift all tasks
DescriptionIn the forum, it is still an open question, but after some thinking about it I think it is a bug.

What is the meaning of project start date if it is not somehow connected to the tasks? So shifting the project start date should shift all tasks by the same time span.

We can still have the following scenarios:
1) First task starts after project start date.
2) Both dates are equal
3) First task starts BEFORE project start date - is allowed in current code.

3) might need some consideration (shouldn't we force the project start to be before or equal first task start?), but in all three cases, a shift of project start should shift the tasks.

a) What do you think for task shifting?

b) What do you think for 3): is there an sensible application for that (kind of pre-project startup task), or is it so confusing that it should be disallowed? Could also be reconstructed in a project-subproject scenario, if necessary.
Can a subproject start before the parent project (I would say yes), how does this influence the parent start/end dates? -> put this discussion into forums?

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caseydk (administrator)

Personally, I think you're right but I would suggest a different approach:

I think we should simply remove the project_start_date from the Add/Edit screen and simply have it as a calculated (and possibly cached) value just like the project_end_date.


opto (manager)

This would loose some information.
project start on 10.6., first task on 10.6

Due to overload elsewhere, shift first task to 12.6. (all June, European date).

Now project start date vs first task date gives info that something 'happened'.
If we autocalculate, we loose this.

Other option: on task create, edit: error message if task start date before project start, and a note user should change project start if desired.

or another point of view: if I promise my customers to start on June 10th I don't want w2p to auto-change this (and make my customers angry because I didn't honour my promised start date)


opto (manager)

somemore arguments in favour of keeping the projectstart:

project start could serve as an easy method to shift all tasks: just shift project start 10 days into either direction and apply that to all tasks.

Could also be done with project designer, but is then not as save against accidental changes of 'everything', because much more complex and much more could be changed by wrong use. (Would want my secretary to use project designer only if absolutely necessary, if she does not know it and use it every day...)

Without project start, we cannot easily import tasks from another project (to which start date?)

If project start is updated automatic, any typo in a task can shift the start of the whole project. (if the earliest task always defines the project start).
So I would rather set the project start at project edit, restrict all tasks not to start before this date, and if otherwise necessary, the project has to be edited.

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