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2020-02-19 00:42 PST

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Summary0000483: clean up subproject tasks addedit screen
Descriptionsome tabs should not be there because they create inconsistency between subproject task and subproject:

dependency: would be fine, but currently does not update subproject project start
date tab: does not update subproject project start

how about resources: eventually copy from subproject into subproject task and make uneditable?

or would I assign users, ressources etc. in my main project to the subproject task? Maybe, if the subproject is done by another team. Then I wouuld need to nominate someone who takes responsibility in my project to at least monitor the subproject progress (because the subproject team might not know my deadlines)
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caseydk (administrator)

Token Tasks (tasks that represent Subprojects) are no longer editable and just inherit everything from their corresponding Project.

Does this issue apply anymore?

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