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2021-01-17 23:29 PST

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Summary0000484: copying tasks from main/subproject on project creation
Descriptionwhat to do if we copy tasks from a parent project/subproject combination?

My hunch would be to generate a new subproject.
Or allow subproject to point to several parents? But then we could not easily do dependency tracking of the subproject in the parent.

At the moment, the subproject task is copied but not connected to any subproject. Would do if we generate a message like: the new project contains the subproject(s) xxx, yyy etc. Please manually rebuild these dependencies or insert copies of the subprojects.

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related to 0000540closedcaseydk v3.2 Release Import tasks: incorrect handling of subprojects 



caseydk (administrator)

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The way this is implemented allows for each project to have one and only one parent project. Further, when a project with sub projects is copied/imported into another project, the Token Tasks (that represent the child project) are *not* copied.


opto (manager)

to not copy the token tasks is ok. But we do need a warning.
After a year, the person importing may not know there were subprojects and needs a notice to manually resolve this. Otherwise, some tasks will just vanish on import, which is not good.
so workflow would be:
import tasks
receive notice which subprojects need to be manually inserted (or task id's/links of the original tasks)
-> user needs to do this

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