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0000510v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-08-16 23:47
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.4 
Summary0000510: Bad concequences upgrading 1.2 to 2.0
DescriptionAfter upgrade, I set :
Timezone in User Pref
and I had to set back date format (24h format)

=> 2 problems

- displayed format is still am /pm not 24h
- all the tasks have slided 1 hour in the future (see CG74 project in screen copies)
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parent of 0000553closedcaseydk v2.1 Release (Closed) times mixed up 



caseydk (administrator)

What timezone is the server itself in? Does it use Europe/Paris too?

I'll check out the date formatting also.


laussetdelon (reporter)



caseydk (administrator)

Could you open one of the tasks, set it to the proper time, save again, and see if it stays correct?

I *think* this is related to having un-updated information going through the timezone processing..


laussetdelon (reporter)

After upgrade

All dates are swapped +1 hour
Date format is AM/PM even if I set format to 24h

see snapshot attached :
- userconf
- system conf
- date

I tried to modify the task date after upgrade

1/ setting start date
2/ setting duration
3/ setting end date by pressing end date button

=> Start date remain as modifed but end date still swapped +1hour en mode is still AM/PM



caseydk (administrator)

I think your date formatting issue is most likely a preference issue. Did you update the "Default User Preferences" or your specific user preferences?


laussetdelon (reporter)

I did Default User Preferences update.
Now with trunk 1330, i don't have AM/PM issue anymore but still remain the start / end time moved 1 hour further.

See attached files
before : W2P in 1.2
after : W2P updated to trunk 1330

I don't know if it could help but, when I update Default User Préferences during upgrade, I need to upgrade Time Zone twice to make it taken into acount


laussetdelon (reporter)

In fact, if I want to keep my proprer start/end time i need to set London instead of paris (where I am really is)
I noticed then an other problem that i'll describe in an other ticket.


caseydk (administrator)

It looks like this one was resolved along the way.. not sure of the specific commit that did it. I've tested with a variety of timezone combinations and they all work out so far until v2.3..

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