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Summary0000527: allow day time planning
DescriptionCurrently, I am interested in the following:

have a list of tasks (mine) and todo's next to the day calendar.

To be able to drop one of these items on a time to quick create an event.

Final aim: in addition to PROJECT planning, allow DAY planning of my work.

Meaning: I have 20 active tasks for the next three days, which do I want to do when in my current day? And for how long?

Typically we have tasks like: do xxx between 5.4.2010 and 10.4.2010, using 5 working hours.
But who will actually do this when?

Up to now, I didn't find any software where I can do this planning in a decent way, with items related to the actual project planning software.

One could do this in the web interface, but it is horribly slow, needs many clicks and I would not like to add 10 items for my day planning via web interface. Making a list on paper would be substantially faster (but would not be accessible from the downstairs laboratory).

Outlook can do that, but is not multi-computer enabled, I can see that only on one PC.
Didn't find any other planning program that can do it (Lightning: doesn't work (yet?), Remember the milk and others: can not remotely write into their db, only read from it, etc.)
Had a look at quite a lot of OS software, but always, something was missing. Also, wouldn't want this type of info on a public server. And on a long distance train or flight, I need something that is not internet based but can be copied into a local db on my notebook.

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opto (manager)

Last edited: 2010-08-01 10:12

some options for drag and drop:

walter Zorn's library
I implemented this, but it stops dragging after some tries.
Maybe a conflict with some other javaschript?

divhtmlx web site: allows drag and drop of calendar items, but allows less info in popup or task display in calendar for item than we have in current calendar
didn't try how to drag something outside the calendar into the calendar

general jquery: supports drag and drop (didn't try yet), has nice editable grid element (put that reference into bug 181 allows in place editing, etc .... [^] ) for editable tasks or project tables, etc. (jgrid or similiar)


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