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2020-04-04 08:58 PDT

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0000641Pending RequestsCore Infrastructurepublic2014-08-16 18:56
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000641: Add a link to the local web2projectmaster Email
DescriptionSome may have to contact the administrator of a web2project instance. Having a mailto link pointing him in header could help.

Feature request:

New item like "Web2projectmaster Email" in System Configuration which add a link (if not set, no link) as an icon and/or string in header.php (common to all pages).
Additional InformationWeb2projectmaster is like a postmaster or webmaster : someone who has full admin* access of the instance of a web2project in a company, who could tune the instance to whatever needs and could submit bugs and feature requests to Web2project community...

* Anyone will be free to use it as he wants, anyway.
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duplicate of 0000616new Pending Requests Button to contact administrator availabe for all users - for any kind of request 
related to 0000359closedcaseydk v2.2 Release (Closed) Include SMTP From entry to replace fixed From address admin@site_domain for all mail sends 



caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in r1531;
Instead of adding the link to the header, it's been added to the system admin screen since admins are the only users who can update it;


caseydk (administrator)

In v2.2 release.


caseydk (administrator)

Reopened and corrected the subject line to make it more descriptive

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