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Summary0000651: Create Company Button in Project view
DescriptionHere is the catch.

The people using Web2Project get frustrated in the engineering firm, because they have to create 1st a Company and Contact and then the project.

The Workflow is like that... Customer calls, asks for services, they hit the button [Project] and create a new project.
Then they ask who it is for and BANG the company is not existent.

Now they have to go back, create the Company, contacts etc, and start all over again. Some are so clever that they assign a random company first and then change it again.

The problem is that it is very frustrating for the user if the company is not existent. This of course only applies in the beginning of implementation. Another problem may arise when users type different names as similar names for one company. May be there is a way of automatic filling the company name...

Proposed solution: A Create new company button in the Project Edit screen which will after completion, populate the new company into the drop down field.

Is that something what can be done/??>
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caseydk (administrator)

I've been playing with some ideas here..

In local development, I've replaced the Company dropdown with an autocomplete text box. If the person selects an existing one, great. If not, they can type the full thing and the system will create the Company for them.

What do others think of this?


mschmieder (reporter)

Sure that could work well. May be there could be a section in the administration to define which fields are going to be populated in that textbox.
Most of the times, Company name, address, Contact name and phone number and email are the most common things to fill.
Later other details can be added in the company section.

An automatic search function similar to the google autofill code would be great (may be I am asking too much)...


caseydk (administrator)

Once you throw in Contacts, this gets more complicated.. because we're no longer updating one thing. We have to create a Company, then create a Contact, then create the Project.

It sounds like a custom "Quick Entry" screen would make more sense..

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