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2022-07-02 19:00 PDT

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0000653Pending RequestsGantt Chart Generationpublic2014-08-16 18:47
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Summary0000653: (Project Module) Gantt view for Equipment and Human Resources
DescriptionI am lab manager and I've been using dotproject for my lab scheduling. One thing I was missing is a gantt overall view of my equipment and human resources allocation so I can see the assignation for equipment and people.

It's similar to the current Gantt view, but from Equipment/HR point of view.
It's really helpful for me. I have attached a zip file with some screenshots for your reference.

I have added 2 lines at the end of index.php in projects module folder.

It's also required to copy the other files in the same folder gantt_r.php and gantt_h
Additional InformationI'm not a sw guy at all so these modifications are purely amateur level.
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caseydk (administrator)

I like the concept here.. especially if we can apply it to "resources" in general. This could work equally well for people, equipment, rooms, etc.

What do the double bars represent on the Equipment chart?

Btw, I hate calling people "resources." ;)


gcasado (reporter)


You are absolutely right about the team. I'm afraid I'm getting bad habits from Directors...I apologize

I make it work in web2project this afternoon. In you can find the files I modified for your reference.

In the charts:

White bards represents overall booking of the equipment. It's an overlapping of the different tasks. If tasks are not showed, we'd only see white bars. This will tell you when the system is free without knowing the tasks associated

If you select to show tasks, you'll see the blue bars as well. The blue bars represents that the system will be used for that task for that period of time.

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