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2019-10-20 22:35 PDT

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0000661Third-party ModulesProject Importerpublic2014-04-05 17:40
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Summary0000661: import sub tasks from MS Project xml file
DescriptionXML code like below should set up a task with sub tasks, is it possible to extend web2porject and the importer to correctly handle this situation?

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caseydk (administrator)

The Importer has always handled Subtasks without a problem. Can you provide an example file along with a screenshot of what results from the import? It'd give me a better idea of how to go about finding this..


caseydk (administrator)

*bump* Any further info here?


caseydk (administrator)

Without an example file showing what you describe, I'm closing this in the next few days. Subtasks have been supported as far back as I can tell.

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