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2023-06-05 09:42 PDT

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0000663v4.0 Release (Planning)Core Infrastructurepublic2016-12-29 10:16
Assigned Tocaseydk 
StatusacknowledgedResolutionwon't fix 
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Target Version4.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000663: module loader accepts only "application/zip"
Descriptionfor "application/x-zip" and "application/x-gzip", i suggest :

replace (line 317) :

        if ($this->filetype != 'application/zip') {

by :

            if (! preg_match("#^application/(x-g?)?zip$#", $this->filetype)) {
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caseydk (administrator)

Yes, that's because this was the proof of concept implementation. If everyone seems relatively happy with it, I'll expand it to include gz for a later release (2.3? 3.0?) and eventually add Phar support once PHP5.3 has better penetration.


eureka (reporter)

When i download a module from web2project-mod of sourceforge (Download GNU tarball), its filetype is application/x-gzip. I must first unzip it on my computer to install it.

When i upload a module from my computer , its filetype is application/x-zip


caseydk (administrator)

I've been working on this one.. gz isn't supported in core PHP. The only options are either dropping to shell_exec or to use a slightly odd PEAR Archive module.

This isn't likely to make it into v3.0


caseydk (administrator)

Since we've moved everything to Github, the default download format is a zip file so the "zip only" limitation is no longer a problem.


caseydk (administrator)

I'm changing this issue to acknowledged.

While it's resolved in the v4.0 development branch. That is going to be reviewed commit by commit and merged into a new development branch over the next couple months.

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