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2022-12-01 09:11 PST

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0000823Pending RequestsCore Infrastructurepublic2014-08-16 18:01
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Summary0000823: Post-conversion from DP 2.0.2 most pull-downs ("task priority", "task status", etc) are empty
DescriptionConverted from DP 2.0.2 to W2P 2.3.1.

When trying to create new task, pull-downs for "task priority" and "task status" are empty. No new tasks may be added, nor existing changed, for those attributes.
Additional InformationRESOLUTION: It appears that conversion process misses the insertion of "sysvals" rows from "web2project/install/sql/mysql/001_base_install.sql".

Following rows (for our version, your mileage may vary for your own) were in "001_base_install.sql" but not in the system values that you can add from the W2P via web interface:

'CompanyType', 'Not Applicable', '0'

'CompanyType', 'Client', '1'

'CompanyType', 'Vendor', '2'

'CompanyType', 'Supplier', '3'

'CompanyType', 'Consultant', '4'

'CompanyType', 'Government', '5'

'CompanyType', 'Internal', '6'

'EventType', 'General', '0'

'EventType', 'Appointment', '1'

'EventType', 'Meeting', '2'

'EventType', 'All Day Event',

'EventType', 'Anniversary', '4'

'EventType', 'Reminder', '5'

'FileType', 'Unknown', '0'

'FileType', 'Document', '1'

'FileType', 'Application', '2'

'LinkType', 'Unknown', '0'

'LinkType', 'Document', '1'

'LinkType', 'Application', '2'

'ProjectColors', 'FFFCAE', 'HelpDesk'

'ProjectColors', 'AEFFB2', 'Engineering'

'ProjectColors', 'FFAEAE', 'System Administration'

'ProjectColors', 'FFE0AE', 'Web'

'ProjectPriority', 'low', '-1'

'ProjectPriority', 'normal', '0'

'ProjectPriority', 'high', '1'

'ProjectPriorityColor', '#E5F7FF', '-1'

'ProjectPriorityColor', '', '0'

'ProjectPriorityColor', '#FFDCB3', '1'

'ProjectRequiredFields', '<3', 'f.project_color_identifier.value.length'

'ProjectRequiredFields', '<1', 'f.project_company.options[f.project_company.selectedIndex].value'

'ProjectRequiredFields', '<3', 'f.project_name.value.length'

'ProjectStatus', 'Not Defined', '0'

'ProjectStatus', 'Proposed', '1'

'ProjectStatus', 'In Planning', '2'

'ProjectStatus', 'In Progress', '3'

'ProjectStatus', 'On Hold', '4'

'ProjectStatus', 'Complete', '5'

'ProjectStatus', 'Template', '6'

'ProjectType', 'Unknown', '0'

'ProjectType', 'Administrative', '1'

'ProjectType', 'Operative', '2'

'TaskDurationType', 'hours', '1'

'TaskDurationType', 'days', '24'

'TaskLogReference', 'Not Defined', '0'

'TaskLogReference', 'Email', '1'

'TaskLogReference', 'Helpdesk', '2'

'TaskLogReference', 'Phone Call', '3'

'TaskLogReference', 'Fax', '4'

'TaskLogReferenceImage', 'i', '0'

'TaskLogReferenceImage', 'a', '1'

'TaskPriority', 'low', '-1'

'TaskPriority', 'normal', '0'

'TaskPriority', 'high', '1'

'TaskStatus', 'Active', '0'

'TaskStatus', 'Inactive', '-1'

'TaskType', 'Unknown', '0'

'TaskType', 'Administrative', '1'

I went ahead and added these values manually.

Related issues: Do not add values that contain "<" character -- since W2P web interface will eat those tags. Instead, add the value without "<" (e.g. instead of "<3" for ProjectRequiredFields add just "3". Works as expected).
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related to 0000822closedcaseydk v2.4 Release (Closed) Required "short name" of project is pre-filled, but not accepted 



milanm (reporter)

This bug is related to 0000822 ("required fields" for project).


caseydk (administrator)

We haven't gotten any similar reports of this in three years. I'm calling it a one-time thing.

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