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2021-03-03 09:28 PST

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0000848Pending RequestsFilespublic2014-11-22 21:59
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0000848: Missing paperclip on the task list

In the previous version (2.2) when I Attach Files, I could see a Paperclip anoucing me the file attachement.

In this version (2.3.0) it seems that this option had desapeard.

Can you tell me how to fix that, because this option is Very usefull to me.

Thank in advance.

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mithilesh (reporter)


Something that I appended to the code was the following:

(($arr['file_count'] > 0) ?'   '.'<img src="' . w2PfindImage('clip.png') . '" alt="F" />' : '')

You can do this anywhere on the task list -> eg. inside the task name column so you see an image right next to the name or create your own column and put this in there.


kero_zen (reporter)

I am actualy in Revision 2.4 and I does not work properlly yet.

Thank you


robertbasic (developer)

kero_zen could you please provide a screenshot from where does the paperclip is missing? I can't remember the exact place where it was. Thanks!


robertbasic (developer)

kero_zen, any update on the screenshot?



kero_zen (reporter)

Here yhe information in the picture.

Thank you and excuse me for the delay.


ferdinand (reporter)

Hello, thanks, I can see now the paperclip in the Projects, but I don't see it in the todo.
What can I do.
Many thanks

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