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2021-03-03 10:36 PST

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0000870Pending RequestsSystem Adminpublic2014-08-16 18:53
ReporterKyle Skrinak 
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Summary0000870: Billing code behavior changes
DescriptionAllow for the "undeletion" of "deleted" billing code items.
Allow for the complete deletion (removal) of billing code items that have no associated tasks.

See here for more information:
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Kyle Skrinak (reporter)

Keith asks; "How should it work" I don't see great complexity to the workflow"

Initial UI shows listed billing codes with red-background circle with a white "x"
If you click the "delete" icon:
If the billing code is not associated with tasks: delete the row and remove it from the UI
If the billing code is associated with tasks; prompt the user as much and allow her to "continue" or "cancel" "Continuing" will render what it does now; a row without the delete button and the (deleted) appended to the row name or title. Cancel cancels so that the user may hunt down where it is in use and update accordingly.

hope that helps!

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