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2023-01-31 14:58 PST

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0000911Pending RequestsEmailspublic2016-12-26 10:25
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Summary0000911: email enhancement
Descriptionadd: view-URL (already present)

task log URL

user priority (!!!)

the first three reduce the amount of clicking on the website if the actions are desired

also, add project URL to project name
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parent of 0000276new More informations in notification mails (kind of major for us) 
related to 0000975closedcaseydk Checkbox in ProjectDesigner to Notify Assignees of Task(s) by Email 
child of 0000154new Hard-coded System Parameters 
child of 0000105assignedcaseydk Email Templating 
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caseydk (administrator)

I agree with all of them except edit-URL because it is quite likely that the user won't be able to edit it. So now we give them a link that generates an Access Denied error.

The rest make sense.


opto (manager)

agreed - we would want it because of our internal structures - so eventually that really calls for customizable email.




w2p_user (reporter)

If we can customise e-mails, that would be of greater help. As of now, the name of the parent task is not included in the child task. This is causing confusions especially when the sub-tasks are the same for different parent tasks.
For Eg.
Parent task is Bug#xyz
Child task1 is "Reproducing issue"
Child task2 is "Impact Analysis"
child task3 is "coding"

The child tasks will be the same for different parent tasks.
It would be helpful if we can add the name of the parent task also in the e-mail.


opto (manager)

so as a first workaround solution:

can the script include a file, and we put our customisation code or even all notification code in there?

then we can update w2p, just omit this file and always have our preferred email message


caseydk (administrator)

The class - classes/w2p/Output/EmailManager.class.php - is an attempt to do just that. I see it working out as three steps:

- First, collect all the email, etc templates to one place (that classes);
- Next, flesh out a token-based replacement system when we can take a template and feed in the data and get a correct email out;
- Finally, move all the email templates into the database and build a simple interface for editing them in the admin.

If you guys could help with the first two steps, it would be greatly appreciated.


w2p_user (reporter)

Well, that should not be a problem. How would you want me to proceed ? I mean in what format do i need to collect the data ?


caseydk (administrator)

If you find all the other files where emails are lurking, that would be a good start. Just include their paths on this ticket.


caseydk (administrator)

Actually, instead of on this thread, attach them to 0000910. That's a better fit.

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