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2021-05-14 03:02 PDT

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0000915Pending RequestsCore Infrastructurepublic2014-08-16 18:17
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Summary0000915: Notification module
DescriptionIt would be excellent if we could create new notification that users will see when they connect to W2P next time.

E.g. Namin of projects must be done in new way from tomorrow.
I create notification, and next time when user enter W2P he see it, "read it", and accept it (by clicking on checkbox).
After that he will not receive that notification.

In this way we could give to users all information/change in W2P.
When they connect on W2P next time pop up window with information will be shown.
Then I don't need to spam users with mail.
Who use W2P will see new information, who don't use W2P (although maybe should) will not see.

This notification could be managed as additional module.
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