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2019-11-17 17:00 PST

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0000962Third-party ModulesHolidayspublic2014-04-05 17:43
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Summary0000962: Holidays do not get shown if driver does not have locale translations
DescriptionUsing for example the EnglandWales driver, holidays are not shown unless there is a corresponding PEAR/lang file for the locale. As there is no such lang file for EnglandWales, this means that only holidays which have a translation in the USA lang files are shown - UK specific ones such as springBank or summerBank are silently ignored. This will apply to any driver without lang files, and also means that the descriptive third argument of the _addHoliday method is never used. Either the drivers need to all have lang files or PEAR needs to be told to be less strict. The easiest fix for EnglandWales was to modify the constructor:

 57 function Date_Holidays_Driver_EnglandWales()
 58 {
 59 Date_Holidays::staticSetProperty('DIE_ON_MISSING_LOCALE', false);
 60 }

I presume this issue also affects other drivers and could be solved in the same manner (possibly set this as a default for all drivers)
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