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2019-02-19 04:56 PST
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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001307 1 [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05Project name sorting does not work on levels deeper than first
  00011213   [Pending Requests]
tweakconfirmed2014-04-05pop in project task view cannot display backslash
  0001031    [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05Recent Changes in Project
  00013551   [Pending Requests]
minornew2014-04-05Project Task array sort issue
  00012981   [Pending Requests]
minornew2014-04-05Double Update of parent tasks
  00012673   [Pending Requests]
minoracknowledged2014-04-05Can't modify user % assigned from Tasks Per user view
  0001163    [Pending Requests]
minornew2014-04-05Allow values of additional modules to appear on Task landing page
  000139311 [Third-party Modules]
featurenew2014-04-05Timecard module does work under version 3.0
  000126111 [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
tweaknew2014-04-05Fixes for the import module
  0001278    [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minornew2014-04-05FIX: On the project importer each imported username is signalled as too small, even if not.
  0001238    [Third-party Modules]
minornew2014-04-05Public Holidays are not found correctly if there is a year change between start date and end date
  0001181    [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
featurenew2014-04-05Import Fail
  000081021 [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minornew2014-04-05Importer doesn't takes in account duration format from xml file
  000111813 [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minornew2014-04-05Project importer can fail without error based on tasks included in XML
  00010301   [Third-party Modules]
minornew2014-04-05Combobox for tasks lists only tasks with Dependency Tracking = off
  0000962    [Third-party Modules]
majornew2014-04-05Holidays do not get shown if driver does not have locale translations
  0000773    [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
featurenew2014-04-05multiple users on a given task in Project Importer
  0000735    [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minornew2014-04-05Project Budgets not imported
  00005252   [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
minornew2014-04-05add todo listing (open todos) of current user in a tab called todolist under the button todo and today
  00004181   [Third-party Modules]
featurenew2014-04-05edit box within a support ticket
  0000371    [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
featurenew2014-04-05Adding the ability to assign Todos to a task
  0000364    [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
featurenew2014-04-05Additional Contact Info
  000140041 [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minornew2014-04-05Unable to import projects from MPP
  0001459    [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
minornew2014-04-05To Do Module - tie to do to a task and project level
  0001457    [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
minornew2014-04-05To-do module
  0001460    [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
minornew2014-04-05To-do module master list
  0000917    [Third-party Modules]
Todo List
featurenew2014-04-05TodoList module - e-mail notification
  00006613   [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minorfeedback2014-04-05import sub tasks from MS Project xml file
  000063311 [Third-party Modules]
Project Importer
minorfeedback2014-04-05Importers module
  00006912   [Third-party Modules]
trivialfeedback2014-04-05category icons no longer appear in helpdesk main view
  00013032   [Pending Requests]
majornew2014-04-05Unreadable PDF files on reports
  0001320 1 [Pending Requests]
minornew2014-04-05Improve the sorting capabilities of the "All tasks" list in dependencies tab
  00013451   [Pending Requests]
minornew2014-04-05Files: Wrong landing page?
  000134642 [Pending Requests]
majorfeedback2014-04-05Cannot filter files list properly
  00013321   [Pending Requests]
Project Designer
majorfeedback2014-04-05task time edit broken
  00013295   [Pending Requests]
Core Infrastructure
majorfeedback2014-04-05Changing start or end date with pop up calendar has TZ issues
  0001368    [Pending Requests]
minornew2014-04-05Files check out reason remains original reason
  0001370    [Pending Requests]
majornew2014-04-05Finish date changes first time you
  0000769    [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05add "Task Type" and "Departments" filters in TASKS view
  00013352   [Pending Requests]
Project Designer
minornew2014-04-05set time by projectdesigner does not respect time intervals
  00013112   [Pending Requests]
Core Infrastructure
  00012891   [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05addedit.php Project Parenting search to use project Status types
  0001452    [Pending Requests]
Project Designer
featurenew2014-04-05Pinning functionality added to Project Designer
  0001453    [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05Drop-down for Project Status
  00014222   [Pending Requests]
majorfeedback2014-04-05Can't delete any post on Forum module : noDeletePermission error on v3.0
  0000899    [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05Reports - Overall report
  0000799    [Pending Requests]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
featurenew2014-04-05show popup with assigned workers if tasks workers>1
  0000819    [Pending Requests]
featurenew2014-04-05task log approval from manager
  00014371   [Pending Requests]
System Admin
featurenew2014-04-05Budget enabling
  0000252    [Pending Requests]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
featurenew2014-04-05State for collapsed/not collapsed items should be remembered