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2022-12-03 01:31 PST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000136174 [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2015-04-16Incorrect % complete calculations for dynamic tasks
  00014212   [v3.1 Release]
crashclosed (caseydk)2014-08-16Creating an event with End Date < Start Date shows persistent error on Calendar on v3.0
  00001152   [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
featureclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Add "Add new Link" to Project/Tasks screens
  00000644   [v3.1 Release]
featureclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Pluggable Storage Backend for Files Module
  00014042   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25tab "History" on Project view is always empty, only a warning message is showing
  00013742   [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Charset (utf8) problem with special (accented) chars in title value when editing a task log
  00013862   [v3.1 Release]
Core Infrastructure
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25wrong use of htmlentities in w2ptextarea + FIX
  00013812   [v3.1 Release]
Core Infrastructure
blockclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25calendar pickup and date fields inoperant
  00013727   [v3.1 Release]
Core Infrastructure
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Calendar Pop Up don't open and it is not possible to change project or task dates.
  00013942   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Incorrect calculation of scheduled hours on projects with sub-projects
  00013923   [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25On project creation the landing page is the project list not the newly-created project
  00013898   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Sort Alphabetically the Project list on Project Reports page
  00013983   [v3.1 Release]
User Admin
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Unable to update user
  00014152   [v3.1 Release]
User Admin
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25user cannot be edited if contactdetail empty
  00014074   [v3.1 Release]
User Admin
crashclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25can't edit/set permissions
  00007648   [v3.1 Release]
User Admin
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Permissions on contacts destroyed when company deleted
  000143521 [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Department popup needs trimming
  000138321 [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25some menu items not translated in french version
  00013822   [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25incorrect html
  00008762   [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Decrease space used by top buttons
  000084175 [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
featureclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Some extra HTML for better themes (with patch)
  00001531   [v3.1 Release]
Cosmetic/UI Issues
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25CSS Incompatibilities
  000137931 [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Incorrect Percentage calculation
  00014112   [v3.1 Release]
Project Designer
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25add tasks in projdesigner: preset times with start to end working day, not with actual time
  00014026   [v3.1 Release]
Project Designer
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25moving tasks with projectdesigner looses parent/child relationship
  00013772   [v3.1 Release]
Project Designer
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Project designer page loads forever
  000142321 [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Using latest GIT code the % calculation is wrong with nested dynamic tasks
  00014133   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25CTask::moveTaskBetweenProjects has bug on dependent tasks
  00014105   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25add tasks time /duration problem
  00014093   [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25task importing changes display order of tasks
  00014082   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25on taskimporting, no dates for dynamic tasks are shown in projectview (not calculated?)
  00014062   [v3.1 Release]
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25for long task descriptions, the popup in the task list shows the end of the string
  00014054   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25task list has an unused checkbox at right side
  00013853   [v3.1 Release]
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25task notification FIX
  00013882   [v3.1 Release]
Core Infrastructure
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Migration from dotProject 2.1.8 not working
  00014362   [v3.1 Release]
System Admin
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25admin & calendar modules remain selectable for install
  00014302   [v3.1 Release]
System Admin
minorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Editing Sysvals (country list) doesn't work
  00014182   [v3.1 Release]
System Admin
blockclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25cannot set permissions to a project
  00012434   [v3.1 Release]
System Admin
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Edit custom field, produce internal server error
  00008724   [v3.1 Release]
System Admin
trivialclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25Current Release Version is not displayed in System Admin
  00014012   [v3.1 Release]
Core Infrastructure
majorclosed (caseydk)2014-01-25System language changes on save